A RPM Context Service Menu for kde3 konqueror and kde4 Dolphin.

  1. Show RPM Main Info
  2. Show Package Content
  3. Unpack RPM
  4. Unpack RPM to Directory
  5. Open RPM Url from Package in Konqueror
  6. Make Test Install
  7. Force Upgrade Test Install
  8. Install Source package in Local RPM Build Enviroment
  9. Open KDE Administration Konsole for Installation
Source Download
rpmxdgtool-0.0.7 (bzip2) (2009/03/24)
rpmxdgtool-0.0.6 (bzip2)
rpmxdgtool-0.0.5 (bzip2)
rpmxdgtool-0.0.4 (bzip2)
rpmxdgtool-0.0.3 (bzip2)
rpmxdgtool-0.0.2 (bzip2)
GIT Repository
RPM Specfile